VB Women

VB Women

The Vincent Bruce Salon is an incredible source for precision cuts, beautiful up-do's and special evening styles. Our stylists dedicated to their education in the newest trends, also specialize in hair makeovers, which in turn is the essential combination for stylish hair.

VB Kids

VB Kids

At Vincent Bruce we like to uphold a favorable atmosphere for our clients.  Due to all the equipment and many hazards, we must deny children access to the main salon for their safety.  We have taken the time and energy to give children a separate salon where they can be services in an atmosphere s...

VB Men

VB Men

We understand that a man's hair needs are different then that of women. Thats why at Vincent Bruce we specialize in cutting Men's Hair as well as offer a variety of services specifically designed for Men including Color Treatments for Men and Beard Trimming.

VB Retail

VB Retail

Our center carries a full selection of professional hair, skin, cosmetics and accessories. At Vincent Bruce, there will always be knowledgeable people available to assist you with any questions you may have. We are looking forward to serving you with quality merchandise.


Make Up

Our center carries a full selection of hair, skin and makeup products and accessories.

Hair Extensions

hair extensions

We carry a full line of high quality hair extensions.



Vincent Bruce Jewelry -- come visit our salon to find out more.

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Bumble and bumble Network Salon

Bumble and Bumble Network Salon

The salon you’re in right now is one of the best salons in town.

How can you tell? It’s a Bumble and bumble Network Salon.

So if you thought you always got a fabulous haircut because your stylist is really talented, you’re right. And if you think our products are great, you’re right again. We teach your stylists to teach you how to look great.